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We as Lucky Connect Technologies we do VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol)  It is a general term for a family of transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet or other packet-switched networks. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) transmission began in 1973 as a results of the experimental Network Voice Protocol invented for the ARPANET.


Propagating Technology within South Africa and building long relationships with our customers and clients and providing exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.


To offer voice and data services to our clients using wireless transmission system and satellite where microwave infrastructure is not possible to install.


Domain Registration

We do domain registration. But you must know the cost of domain registration. There’s Propagation, is the projected length of time it takes for root name servers and cache records across the entire web to be updated with your website's DNS information. DNS Propagation usually takes 12 to 24 hours ..

Web Development

We Develop web sites for any business or clients. We develop it to meet the requirements of a client or business. So all we do is just take the problem of a client then come up with a solution but the web way. Any problem you have we will solve it for you. 



This is the last on the list, but not the least! Security is a main concern with VoIP, as it is with other Internet Technologies. The most prominent security issues over VoIP are identity and service theft, viruses, malware , denial of service, spamming , call tampering and phishing attacks.


When you choose a VoIP phone service provider, you will be sent a converter to allow a regular phone to use the VoIP phone service. Your phone number is programmed into the converter. This means that you can take your phone converter and phone number and use them wherever you travel in the world.


Everything your need to know based on IT solutions just contact with us at the following:


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